Scooby Doo Addition
Do your students need practice in adding 2 digit sums?  Let Scooby-Doo help with “What’s New Scooby-Doo.”  This one minute timed addition activity helps student learn to quickly add numbers up to 20 mentally.  Students are awarded points for each correct answer. Have a contest to see who can answer the most number of problems in one minute.     


Did you know that Helen Keller was called the “Wild Child” and Anne Sullivan was born with poor eye sight? When Ms. Sullivan finally got through to Helen, Helen learned 30 words of sign language her first day. Follow this online biography of Helen Keller’s life with pictures. Make sure to view the videos as you follow Helen Keller’s life. Also check out some interesting fun facts about Helen Keller and some of her famous quotes.




Exploring the world with your 5 senses can be fun for everyone. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has an interactive activity that not only explains each of the five senses (Inside Story) but also gives students practice in identifying what senses are being used. Students match objects to their appropriate sensory organ and then help “Sensational Sue” to identify objects by their sound, taste, feel and smell.

Internet Safety and You

Almost all children like Garfield so let Garfield teach your students about internet safety.  “The Virginia Department of Education has teamed up with the Professor Garfield Foundation and the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia to provide guidance for students, teachers and parents to help students protect themselves on line.”  Each lesson includes a video to “Watch,” a set of questions to “Try,” and a set of situations in which to “Apply” what students have learned.  There are teacher materials with a teaching guide that contains learning objectives, a synopsis of the video, vocabulary to discuss and a multiple choice quiz.  Also included on this site are a poster for the classroom and an Internet Safety Certificate that can be given out when the unit is finished.  Just to let you know the “Try” and “Apply” sections are great to use on the SMART board.